Deploying Small Cells Nationally: How Vertix Consulting helped a top U.S. tower company build a small cell deployment management model

Challenge: A major national US tower company and small cells implementation provider had just signed its largest ever contract to build small cells nationwide, with strict contract provisions around timeline and average fiber length per node. Prior builds had been moderate in size and had not tested the deployment capabilities of the Client to the same degree. In order to deliver on its customer’s build expectations it needed to not only ramp capacity, but also to manage the locally-delivered build as a coherent national program with standardized milestones, forecasting approaches, and estimating philosophy. The Client also needed to be able to track and report progress coherently and to present and summarize progress as a consistent program vs. a collection of individual district deployments. This needed to be achieved within the context of an organization that had a large degree of geographic autonomy, inflexible toolsets, and varying build approaches and forecasting practices. (Read More)