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Sourcing Small Cells and Fiber Deployment Services: How Vertix Consulting helped a top U.S. tower company mature its sourcing capabilities to support a growing demand for its services

Challenge: A major national US tower company and small cells implementation provider was maturing both its small cells and fiber capabilities while experiencing tremendous growth for its services. In order to support this growth and advancement, it needed to mature its sourcing capabilities to both increase the supply of quality construction and engineering vendors, while simultaneously driving down costs for vendor services. This needed to be achieved within the context of an organization that had geographically devolved its sourcing practices and was lower on the maturity scale in terms of its overall supply chain management capabilities. (Read More)

Deploying Small Cells Nationally: How Vertix Consulting helped a top U.S. tower company build a small cell deployment management model

Challenge: A major national US tower company and small cells implementation provider had just signed its largest ever contract to build small cells nationwide, with strict contract provisions around timeline and average fiber length per node. Prior builds had been moderate in size and had not tested the deployment capabilities of the Client to the same degree. In order to deliver on its customer’s build expectations it needed to not only ramp capacity, but also to manage the locally-delivered build as a coherent national program with standardized milestones, forecasting approaches, and estimating philosophy. The Client also needed to be able to track and report progress coherently and to present and summarize progress as a consistent program vs. a collection of individual district deployments. This needed to be achieved within the context of an organization that had a large degree of geographic autonomy, inflexible toolsets, and varying build approaches and forecasting practices. (Read More)

Building a Deployment Program: How Vertix Consulting Assisted in Defining and Implementing a Plan for Success

Challenge: Client commenced a series of network deployments across multiple team and geographies and faced multiple project management challenges along the way, causing the company to miss key implementation targets. Vertix identified organizational, cultural and structural issues and implemented improved process and strategy. (Read More)

Decommissioning Legacy Networks: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Top US Wireless Carrier Decommission Its CDMA Network in Mexico for Future LTE Deployments

Challenge: A major carrier in Mexico was in the process of simplifying its network by decommissioning CDMA, which would allow them to reuse spectrum and provide better broadband wireless services throughout the country. The carrier made a strategic decision to focus on LTE and UMTS only, ultimately decommissioning the existing GSM, CDMA and iDEN networks. As voice tra c moves to VoLTE, the carrier wanted to harvest spectrum used by these technologies, make space on the tower and ground for LTE and UMTS, and reduce tower rent and operating expenses associated with equipment on the towers. (Read More)

Building a Better Approach to Generator Sourcing and Preventative Maintenance: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Major US Telecom Service Provider to Understand the True Costs of Generator Maintenance

Challenge: A major US telecom service provider desired to reassess its approach to maintaining its diesel backup generator (‘genset’) portfolio, having previously procured an extended warranty, coupled with an exclusive agreement for preventative maintenance directly with the manufacturer of the generators. These generators were used to provide emergency power to customer cell site equipment in the event of a utility power outage. Previous analysis had concluded that it made sense to adopt this structure. (Read More)

Outsourcing Tower Maintenance: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Top U.S. Tower Company Achieve its Outsourcing Goals

Challenge: A major U.S. tower company was facing the realities of significant growth that doubled the number of its lit cell towers to more than 17,000. The legacy perspective was that tower climbing for lighting support was a “core differentiator” in the marketplace. However, without significant scaling, the Tower Technician support staff charged with lighting repair and maintenance was unable to meet demand growth, and the company was forced to increasingly rely on third parties to supplement the embedded staff. (Read More)

Getting Ready for the FCC’s 600MHz TV Broadcast Spectrum Repack: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Large Owner of Broadcast Towers Prepare for Hundreds of Channel Migrations

Challenge: As the FCC prepared and executed the broadcast spectrum incentive auction to reallocate low band spectrum (600MHz) from TV stations to wireless service providers, our client – a major broadcast tower owner – realized it needed to get its organization ready to support an unprecedented amount of work within the broadcast sector. As the owner of several hundred broadcast towers, the company was faced with a large quantity of projects to execute in a short period of time to meet FCC deadlines. Due to the significant complexities of projects, the interdependencies among tenants’ stations, and expected resource constraints in the industry, this program required a high degree of coordination and planning among internal and external parties. (Read More)

Building Small Cell Service: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Tier 1 MSO Develop a Small Cells as a Service Offering

Challenge: A Tier 1 MSO planned to launch a small cell offering for which it required assistance in identifying and engaging potential partners to provide a turnkey small cell service to carrier customers. The Small Cell as a Service (SCaaS) offering being built by the MSO supported its pursuit of additional revenue sources by taking advantage of its existing infrastructure footprint spanning numerous markets, as well as entering it into the quickly growing small cell market. (Read More)