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Improving Network Deployment Logistics: How Vertix Consulting Resolved a Major 4G/LTE Deployment’s Logistics Issues

Challenge: Vertix Consulting recently completed a project for one of the nation’s top 4 wireless carriers. The team helped the carrier to define and manage its internal logistics processes in order to complete a national upgrade to their 4G/LTE network under an aggressive timeline. The carrier was just coming off of a deployment that faced challenges, partially because of logistics-related issues. (Read More)

Getting Ready to Deploy: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Top 4 US Wireless Carrier Define and Implement Processes, Tools, and Scopes of Services for a Major 4G/LTE Rollout

Challenge: A major US wireless carrier needed to quickly define and prepare for how it would deploy 2.5 MHz LTE spectrum on its existing LTE network, including the replacement of legacy LTE technology that needed to be removed from the network to meet federal regulations. This large scale network deployment presented a set of unique challenges as the carrier would need to follow a new deployment model in order to meet a very aggressive POP count target deadline, while minimizing service disruption for legacy technology replacements. To complicate things further, as a result of the acquisition of a small wireless carrier, the company had just gone through a major restructuring, where processes, systems, tools, roles and responsibilities were unclear to the acquiring major carrier. (Read More)

Enhancing Network Management: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Top 4 US Wireless Carrier Increase Its Speed to Deploy 4G/LTE

Challenge: A major US wireless carrier faced unexpectedly slow deployment run rates and deteriorating vendor relationships during a large, national multi-technology network rollout of 3G and 4G LTE for voice and data. The carrier was suffering from a lack of analytics and general visibility into the true roadblocks causing these issues, which made recovery of the program extremely difficult to achieve. (Read More)

Building a New Network Deployment Model: How Vertix Consulting Helped a Top 4 US Wireless Carrier to Self-Perform Key Network Deployment Activities

Challenge: Vertix assisted a top 4 US wireless carrier as it faced a major deployment delay due to insufficient influence by the carrier on key deployment activities. At the time of Vertix’s engagement, the carrier’s ability to influence the speed and quality of deployments was limited due to a pre-existing outsourced deployment model to large OEMs. It was clear that the carrier needed to undergo an organizational redesign in order to move to a self-perform model for significant aspects of cell site deployment. (Read More)

Develop More Efficient Network Deployment Tools and Processes

Challenge: Client was using a state-of-the-art network deployment system, but traveling project managers working at sites with intermittent or no internet access had difficulty updating data while on site or while traveling, yielding out-of-date management reporting. Vertix developed a front-end PC client application to enable off-line use and simplify project manager data entry and reporting.

Result: Significant increase in field productivity and overall program management as data accuracy and timeliness improved dramatically, and project management meetings were able to focus on exception management rather than status updates. Client adopted the tool for all network deployments.

Remote Site Development Outsourcing

Challenge: Client’s site deployment vendor base had become fragmented, difficult to manage, and needed to be rationalized in advance of a technology-intensive expansion and upgrade program.

Result: Streamlined, standardized process using total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis tools improved vendor selection and performance management, saving of over $90M (30%+ relative to base case).

IT Outsourcing

Challenge: Client’s IT organization was facing pressure to reduce its operating and capital expenses while improving service levels.

Result: Developed base case model covering present and future IT needs, RFP and contract with effective vendor management tools realizing $140mm ( 20%) savings over base case. Assisted client in structuring vendor management organization, transition, and performance monitoring.

IT Outsourcing Take-Back/In-Sourcing

Challenge: Outsourced IT application development and testing provider was not meeting productivity and QA requirements, while costs were exceeding the agreed contracted blended rate. Client sought assistance terminating contract and taking the capabilities back in-house

Result: Brought 1,000 previously transferred employees and 400 subcontractors in-house and implemented improved management process achieving significant quality, delivery time and cost performance improvements.