Sourcing & Logistics

Sourcing success materially impacts an increasingly higher percent of a company’s competitive cost and capabilities advantages.

Our clients realize that sourcing is much more than sending out an RFP and squeezing vendors for improved pricing. The decision to outsource is not one that should be made hastily due to the potential organizational impact, the risk of business disruption, and the high cost of failure.

We work closely with clients to execute an objective, transparent and efficient sourcing process to enhance profitability and achieve long-term operational improvements.

Supply Chain Strategy

  • Spend diagnostics and opportunity identification
  • Vendor market assessment
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Total cost of ownership modeling
  • Current state vs. future state gap analysis
  • Objectives definition and sourcing strategy
  • Vendor management strategy


  • Scoping
  • Requirements Gathering
  • RFX development
  • Bid evaluations
  • Negotiation support
  • Vendor identification, evaluation, due diligence, and selection
  • Service levels and performance metrics development
  • Contract drafting and execution support


  • Self-perform vs. outsource functional and financial models
  • Agreement drafting and negotiations
  • Vendor management, governance, and operating model
  • Transition support

Logistics Optimization

  • Process improvement
  • Vendor selection
  • Negotiations support

Network Deployment

Our clients are continually deploying more advanced network technologies and features to increase their business competitive advantage through innovation and new services.

Major network deployment programs drive market expectations. These are complex, high-dollar programs where success or failure has a significant impact on the success of the company.

We draw from our deep network deployment expertise to help our clients prepare for, and successfully execute on high-visibility, multi-million, multi-year programs.

Strategy & Business Case

  • Program planning and stand up
  • Business case development (deployment services, equipment and materials, leasing, backhaul, utilities)
  • Deployment & decommissioning services scoping
  • Site configuration scenario analysis
  • Deployment model development
  • Vendor and resources strategy development

Sourcing & Contracting

  • Deployment services
  • Equipment supply
  • Backhaul services
  • Tower / site leases
  • Logistics services

Program Management

  • Operational Readiness
  • Vendor and OEM management
  • Run rate modeling and forecasting
  • Analytics and fallout analysis
  • Financial and operational performance management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reporting and situational awareness
  • Change management

Systems and Tools

  • Reporting and analysis
  • Workflow management
  • Financial tracking
  • Logistics and material ordering
  • Assets and inventory management

Strategy & Operations

The rapid evolution of technology ecosystems and industry trends radically impacts business models, cost structures, and capabilities within just a few years. In times of tight budgets and staffing, pressures to focus on supporting customers and revenue growth can leave an organization without the bandwidth to keep its strategy up to date.

We work with our clients to identify and capitalize on new areas of opportunity, optimize current performance and processes, embrace new business challenges and technology, as well as effectively to manage their businesses in challenging situations.

Business Transformation

  • Growth strategy
  • New products, services, and technology innovation
  • Technology migration
  • Cost structure transformation
  • Business and financial modeling

Operational Efficiency

  • Financial and operational performance improvements
  • Governance
  • Business operations modeling
  • Business process improvements
  • Organization transformation and design

M&A Due Diligence & Integration

  • Pre-transaction due diligence
  • Operational readiness assessment
  • Financial and operational objectives development and prioritization
  • Asset consolidation
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Integration management (organization, business process, technology)
  • Benefits tracking and realization assurance support

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Best practices
  • Costs
  • Business processes
  • Financial and operational performance
  • Organizational structure

Internet of Things

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things is radically changing every facet of business today. The technology opens a number of opportunities that will transform the way companies run their operations. Understanding how IoT will transform the business and successfully executing on an IoT strategy can prove overwhelming though.

Whether a consumer or a developer of IoT solutions, we help clients in the IoT value chain to identify opportunities, select the right technology platform, redefine core business processes, and establish key business and vendor strategic partnerships to successfully embrace IoT innovation.

Business Strategy

  • Opportunity identification and assessment
  • IoT requirements and maturity assessment
  • Business operations and process improvement through IoT
  • Business case development & ROI assessment
  • Organization design and transformation

Data Strategy

  • IoT data input and value-added identification
  • Data gathering and management
  • Data analytics framework
  • Tools and systems selection / development

Product Development

  • Strategy and market analysis for IoT suppliers
  • IoT capabilities and requirements analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Business case development & ROI assessment
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Customer onboarding and support

Solution Development & Sourcing

  • Technical and functional requirements
  • ROI analysis for build vs buy
  • Partner selection (hardware, networks and platforms)
  • IoT solution development management
  • Equipment / hardware supply and services agreements
  • IoT network services agreements
  • IoT software platform procurement / licensing

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