Business Transformation

Business Transformation, Business Process Reegineering, and Business Process Management

We have helped numerous companies implement fundamental business transformations as well as tactical quality and cost improvement efforts. Our consulting teams are typically composed of a smaller number of senior consultants who have significant real-world operating experience. These teams help our clients quickly focus on the issues and initiatives that have the greatest impact and probability of success. We work within your financial, competitive, and operational constraints to execute in a way that makes sense for your unique business. By targeting quick hits with a high success rate while building longer term plans to address more fundamental issues, we deliver more savings, customer satisfaction improvement, and revenue gains with far less expense and management diversion than a typical large consulting firm approach.

Our transformation approach meets clients where they are and helps them move to vibrant, profitable future. In some cases, immediate cost or process improvements are needed to provide stability for a more forward-looking transformation. In others, a strategic planning or market research exercise has pointed to fundamental changes in the client’s industry and a need to align operational capabilities with a new competitive and/or product direction. Fundamental market research and new product planning is not a Vertix focus, but we have partners who excel in these fields. We help our clients take long-term strategic recommendations, vet them against marketplace and operational realities, and develop pragmatic implementation programs that can be executed in parallel with ongoing business operations. Our approach includes:

  • Technology strategy assessment for both future product capabilities and operational capabilities
  • Desired future state vs. present state gap and business case analysis
  • Cross-industry best practices and competitive benchmarking
  • In-depth working sessions with key stakeholders to flesh out plans, build organizational buy-in, and gain consensus on momentum-building “quick hits” with a high probability of success
  • Assessing cultural factors and incentive structures that may inhibit change and recommending changes to align behavior with the transformation
  • Transformation PMO and change management
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Self-perform vs. outsourcing analysis
  • Organizational structure realignment

Development and implementation of KPIs to drive both organizational change and operational excellence.

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