Government Services

Government agencies strive to adopt more cost-effective and more capable business practices and technologies without disrupting current operations. Requirements to support older technologies, limited staff and budget constraints can make such migrations a difficult exercise. Vertix has helped both private and public sector customers with these challenges. We have played a leading role in large scale, highly complex technology strategy, sourcing, deployment and project management efforts, providing our clients with the expertise and resources needed to implement major changes while meeting operational performance metrics.

We are one team, not separate commercial and public sector practices. Too often, management consulting firms organize their business rigidly around public sector and private sector clients. Most of their consultants work exclusively in one group or the other, limiting cross-pollination of ideas and insights. Private sector consultants often find it difficult to be effective in public sector engagements. At Vertix, our people have experience delivering leading edge solutions in the private sector and the expertise to understand how, when, and where these solutions can be applied within government agencies. For example, both government and private sector customers frequently find that outsourced services are not achieving anticipated cost and/or performance metrics. Our team has led numerous outsourcing efforts as well as taking back or restructuring outsourced arrangements.

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