M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory, Integration Analysis and Implementation Services

Vertix practitioners have successfully led M&A teams through the process of merging operations. We use repeatable, proven methodologies to accelerate project timelines, reduce engagement costs, mitigate operational risk, and maximize the probability of success. We use an objective decision-making and prioritization framework on strategic and tactical issues to work with you in establishing the desired operational “end-state.”

We have significant experience managing “clean room” environments and working on transactions where we support both the acquiring entity and the acquired entity, leading savings identification, prioritization, and capture programs. Given our operational expertise and focus, we have broken the trend of over-promised and under-delivered savings in an M&A environment. We consistently help our clients to realize executable, quantifiable, and sustainable results by:

  • Focusing integration on clearly defined value drivers
  • Developing sound organizational, business process and technology integration strategies
  • Increasing integration speed to achieve revenue and earnings growth goals
  • Balancing competing initiatives (such as cutting license costs vs. improving labor productivity), while holding teams accountable for the aggregate goal
  • Providing a structure to ensure accountability for achieving synergy targets
  • Implementing a tracking mechanism to monitor synergy capture progress

While our primary M&A focus is on integration and implementation, we have also assisted clients through the entire process from target identification through deal negotiation and implementation.

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