Program Management

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ to program management, Vertix has the tools, templates, ‘PMO in a box’ methodologies, and project plans to quickly provide structure and discipline to programs.

Our clients often have the necessary structure for effective management, but project execution falls short of expectations because resource conflicts between “day job” and project responsibilities. Gaps in accountability, visibility, and effective issue identification and resolution, can jeopardize projects. Political considerations can make it even more difficult for employee project managers to objectively address difficult issues.

The Vertix approach to program management simplifies project plans by identifying the most critical gating/risk items, assigning clear ownership and ensuring that executive focus and support is directed at these areas.

Our senior project managers draw on executive experience and industry expertise to lead the team in solving project and organizational issues at the working level. By keeping executive sponsors up to date with regular executive reporting, and helping the team to develop proposals for solving problems and recovering from delays, we free up client executives to focus on business issues and critical escalations. This approach helps establish positive program momentum with “quick-wins”, and improves team cohesion and support for overall program success. Our teams deliver projects on-time and on-budget by:

  • Identifying realistic costs and resources required for each major activity
  • Providing visibility into program performance by developing, measuring and regularly reporting on key project plan vs. actual metrics and spending
  • Implementing change management controls and consistent communication
  • Ensuring that the project plan stays in sync with evolving business and project priorities
  • Facilitating cross-functional discussions regarding dependencies, schedules, resource allocations and plan modifications as issues arise to avoid “kicking the can down the road” when issues arise
  • Preparing mitigation options for contingencies, and establishing tiger teams to execute these plans while the majority of the team pushes ahead
  • Keeping the program on schedule and budget and, if necessary, correcting original assumptions as new information comes to light
  • Quickly communicating program successes and issues to create positive program momentum and to ‘stay ahead’ of program challenges

We realize that not all projects are the same and customize our offering to meet the specific needs of the client. We work with clients to build a combined team with the skills and knowledge to ensure success.

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