Technology Strategy

The rapid evolution of enterprise technology radically impacts cost structures and capabilities within just a few years. In times of tight budgets and staffing, pressures to focus on supporting customers and revenue growth can leave an organization without the bandwidth to keep its IT strategy up to date. We can help you align your business processes with the best-in-class IT solutions for pursuing your strategic goals. Our team has helped numerous organizations develop and implement new strategic capabilities by leveraging best-in-class technology and deployment methodologies, realizing  improved competitive positioning and cost savings. We can help your team find the optimal approach for:

  • Benchmarking your current enterprise software, hardware, and data network configurations and the associated support processes against best-in-class options for performance, cost and security
  • Outsourcing or self-performing technology related processes and functions, including maintaining the ability to move or take back a process if a vendor does not perform as promised
  • Consolidating disparate systems and networks to improve performance, simplify operations and maintenance and reduce costs
  • Developing requirements for your technology needs that make the right cost/benefit tradeoffs to optimize the sourcing process for your strategic goals, including support services from vendors that can lower operational costs and improve performance
  • Strategically sourcing the equipment, software, network services, cloud services, IaaS, and/or SaaS platforms and related services to implement your strategy
  • Developing technology migration strategies to balance the cost of running systems in parallel vs. the risk of migration errors
  • Providing PMO services for the implementation and migration

Setting up and migrating to your team an effective technology vendor management program to ensure that RFP requirements and prices are honored throughout the life of the contract.

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